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Kevin RussellI’m Kevin Russell, a linguist at the University of Manitoba.  I tend to specialize in phonology, especially laboratory phonology, whenever I don’t get too distracted by other… Ooh! Something shiny!

Most of my work nowadays tends not to be specific to any one language. I’m a tiny cog in the huge effort to figure out what’s going on inside a human’s mind when they speak sounds or sign, when they hear other speak or watch others sign, when they read or write — and how they could have possibly learned to do all that.

Still, I do a fair bit of work with American Sign Language.  I’ve done a lot of work with Cree (especially the Swampy dialect spoken in northern Manitoba).  I’ve also worked with (in decreasing order of time spent and permanence in my memory) Dakota, Moroccan Arabic, Cambodian, and Somali.

My university website is at

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