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How new does news have to be?

Cutting-edge update from Yahoo Canada’s “Good News” blog: Psychological Review recently published a study that claims that the key to success is working hard in short bursts of time. I’m all in favour of the post’s theme that successful people … Continue reading

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Screw past-tense printer me

So I’m reviewing this manuscript for a journal which shall remain nameless (since I may want to submit something there someday). The author refers to Figure 5, but Figure 5 isn’t on that page, or on the next. No, Figure … Continue reading

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Unite the left already

Here’s the graph that CBC’s Vote Compass drew for me, while trying to advise me who to vote for in today’s Canadian federal election. There’s something seriously wrong with this picture. (And it’s not the fact that the check-mark that … Continue reading

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The best thing to do will be to choose the path

The best thing to do will be to choose the path to Galta, traverse it again (invent it as I traverse it), and without realizing it, almost imperceptibly, go to the end — without being concerned about what “going to … Continue reading

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