Unite the left already

Here’s the graph that CBC’s Vote Compass drew for me, while trying to advise me who to vote for in today’s Canadian federal election. There’s something seriously wrong with this picture. (And it’s not the fact that the check-mark that supposedly represents me is in a corner you might not like.)

Canada’s political parties in a two-dimensional graph: social liberalism to conservatism and economic left to right. Four parties (Liberals, NDP, Greens, and the Bloc Québécois) are crowded together in the social liberalism/economic left quadrant; the Conservatives have the social conservatism/economic right quadrant to themselves.

For non-Canadians out there, the blue CON party that has a quadrant all to itself just won a majority government with only 40% of the vote.

This is almost the mirror image of how it was in the 1990s. Back then, three parties were piled up in the corner the Conservatives now have to themselves, splitting the right-wing vote and allowing Jean Chrétien to rack up successive majority governments with, you guessed it, just about 40% of the vote. Only Stephen Harper’s and Peter MacKay’s drive to re-unite the rich and the redneck wings of the former Progressive Conservative party finally put an end to Chrétien’s decade of sleaze.

If we’re not going to be doomed to another decade of Harper sleaze, those three and a half parties now splitting the vote in “my” quadrant had better get their act together and manage a similar feat of unity.

Jack, Iggy, Liz: get some guts, swallow your egos, and do the right thing — for a change. For any change. I’m begging you.

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2 Responses to Unite the left already

  1. You did not include the Rhinoceros Party in your diagram. Tsk.

    • Kevin says:

      Not my diagram. Blame the Vote Compass people. Though you’ve now made me wonder: Where would the Rhinoceros Party go, or would they just splatter all over like a Jackson Pollock painting?

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